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I have many issues with that article ( NO ONE should be defined by their genitalia, that’s how you end up with people seeing women as baby factories and empty shells or men seen as walking sperm banks (those two things does happen..)

A well made neo-vagina is equivalent to a natal sterile vagina with a lubricant deficiency, there’s no visible differences once the neo-vagina is fully recovered. The fact that it’s not natural is irrelevant, lots of things aren’t natural and the fact that it doesn’t have the baby related abilities once again doesn’t mean anything because there are natal women without those abilities too (intersex or naturally sterile).

“It’s probably pretty hard for a male to imagine living with the responsibility of having a vagina. With the knowledge that if you’re not ever-vigiliant, 24/7 for the thirty years in which you are fertile, an entire human being might come out of your body and demand every resource you have or can acquire for the next twenty plus years. Yes, even infertile women, who generally don’t know they’re infertile until they try to have children. And yes, even sexually inactive women and lesbians, because rape exists and is common.”
This line is complete horseshit. Male rape is actually more frequent than female rape (if you count prison rape in), trans women are also more likely to get raped and assaulted than genetic women. So this whole argument is completely nonsensical. The author who wrote the often misrepresented Swedish cohort study said in an interview that trans women are 50% more likely to get raped than other people, that’s a lot.

“While men are failing to get their socks into the laundry hamper every week”
That’s heavy stereotyping, if someone said something like this about women (like women can’t drive or something) this TERF would lose their shit. You can’t have both, either EVERYONE can say as many stereotypes as they want or no one can.

“women are scheduling and making it to the doctor’s visits that make acquiring that birth control possible. To say nothing of the tremendous responsibility a woman faces if she does conceive, carry, bear and raise a child.”
A woman shouldn’t be defined by this. There are women who DO NOT want children and don’t want to be defined this way and there’s women who CAN’T get children. Women aren’t just walking baby makers, sure most have the ability to get pregnant but that’s not all a woman is about. This sounds incredibly close to some of the shit Erdogan the muslim dictator has been saying. Defining women by a trait they don’t even pick is not a good idea.

“Our vaginas bathe us in blood a quarter of the time, requiring our attention every hour, demanding of us care and laundry chores and expense of which males cannot dream. For many of us, endometriosis and fibroids and hemorrhaging and miscarriages and abortions and ablations and D&Cs and PCOS and UTIs and vulvodynia and vagismus and yeast infections and menopause are a concern.”
Same shit again, you can make similar insane arguments about the penis (erectile dysfunction for example). Just because something is a big deal does not mean it’s your defining characteristics, biologically speaking vaginas aren’t even the biggest part of what makes a woman distinct physically, secondary sex characteristics are more visible (breasts, hips, waist size, skin smoothness) and also overall bone structure.

“What concerns do male reproductive organs bring? Cancer, which also happens to female reproductive organs, and everyone’s non-reproductive organs.”
Lol what? There’s a ton of male specific genital issues:
Erectile dysfunction, infections in the foreskin, the pee having difficulty to get out due (has to be corrected with surgery), penises being too curved to be used comfortably during sex… this is just on top of my head

“And because rape exists and is common, and largely happens to women, and has far greater consequences for female victims than for male victims”
That’s bullshit about the far greater consequences part (minus impregnation I guess). Rape can be just as traumatic and dangerous in men as in women.

“our vaginas limit our movement through the world”
Being trans limits your movement more than having a vagina does, doesn’t mean that I should be defined by my trans status.

“There are places and situations and hours of the evening in which we simply don’t go”
There is for everyone, in fact women aren’t even the ones most likely to get assaulted. Men are more likely to get assaulted because you’re considered a coward for attacking women (they’re considered vulnerable in society because of their lower strength). Trans women are one of the groups that are the most likely to get murdered, raped or killed.

“They want to hurt us because we have vaginas”
No one wants to hurt anyone because of genitalia, men who rape women do it because they don’t care about boundaries and the reason they pick women is because most men are hetereosexual. If most men were gay then most rape (non-prison rape) would be against men. BDSM porn where men dominate women is often attacked by feminists because they say it’s women hate and all that BS, but if you look at gay BDSM porn you’d see the same tendencies, now BDSM is not abuse but what I’m getting at is that none of this is necessarily fueled by hatred towards women, rapists that rape women would do the same to gay men if they were gay.

“ It’s easy for someone — a male — to imagine that oppression is about wearing lipstick, because wearing lipstick is the only part of “being a woman” he has experience with. And males hate to feel left out.”
Being trans has nothing to do with make up or stereotypes. I don’t know what the author is talking about, in fact she’s the one stereotyping. Just like with natal women you can find trans women with short hair, some that are ultra feminine, some that are moderately feminine and the list goes on…

“And then there’s all that other stuff. The being told we’re stupid and bad at math”
In my experience the opposite is true, when I went to school the boys were often looked down upon by the teachers (which are mostly female here). Less resources were also given to stopping bullies that bullied boys and not girls.

“The unequal pay and impaired access to certain clubs and careers and political positions”
Women get paid 8% higher in American urban areas I heard, female waitresses also get paid more than male ones. There’s also a number of female only fields that has decent pay. Looking at average pay differences between men and women doesn’t tell the whole story. On average men work more and have more dangerous jobs… jobs that feminists NEVER advocate to have more women in. Have you ever seen a feminist say that there should be more underwater welders? Or more women working as prisons guards? Probably not, you probably have heard feminists advocate for more women in high paying and safe jobs like CEOs and programming. I don’t care how many women or men there are in fields, the most important thing is that people are able to get jobs that they are good at and want to do.

“Our absence as characters in books and movies”
Bullshit. I can name tons of important female characters in works of fiction:
1. Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite (Intelligent, beautiful and overall good character)
2. Mira from Warhammer 40k Space Marine (Badass and intelligent character)
3. Samus Aran (don’t know much about her, but she’s a popular female lead)
4. Most pokémon games has an option to play as a female character and there’s also important female characters in the anime
5. All of the fallout games have an option to play as a female character and some of the games even have female exclusive options
6. Metro 2034 has a female protagonist kind of, it’s a bit complicated but she’s important in the story
and the list goes on, this was just a few on top of my head. Women are in no way absent from fiction, I don’t know what kind of reality the author lives in it but it’s definitely not the real one.

“Oppression isn’t tied to male bodies. Oppression is tied to female bodies”
Oh boy this line is so delusional. Men are often FORCED to go to war (historically speaking), women are not forced to do shit in wars other than stay behind the frontlines and work. Men are also more likely to get assaulted, men have a lower life expectancy. Men in the west have it harder in education now and the list goes on and on, there’s so many ways men have it worse than women. That’s not to say it can’t suck being a woman, it can. But this whole “only we have it hard!” is delusional, especially thinking that trans women have “male privilege”… we don’t.. unless privilege means being more likely to get raped or murdered.

“For men, the significance of a vagina lies in its use for fucking. For women, its role in fucking is the least of its significance.”
Of course…? The same goes the other way around, women don’t deal with erectile dysfunction and all the other male only health issues related to penises.

Trans women (NOT MEN!) for the time being won’t have periods or pregnancy but in the future those two things will happen for post-op trans women. There’s a number of technologies that could allow for better transitions (ie organ printers)

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