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In the end, we should have something like…

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Create the bot with Node JS
  4. Connecting the bot to a real time DB(Firebase)
  5. Run the Cron Job
  6. Script to connect to the IBM Watson API
  7. Deploy to Glitch
  8. Conclusion


  • /start — Initializes our bot.
  • /save —…

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Hello, fellow members of the night’s watch. We will be looking at one of Node’s core API’s, the File System. I know we’ve been concerned with code splitting, bundle splitting, preloading and the never ending woes of the Internet Explorer, but we will be learning how Node interacts with our…

In Nigeria, Sundays are specially dedicated to Church. Once ‘daddy’ and ‘mummy’ are going to church that means everybody in the house(age,religion and financial status notwithstanding!) is going to Church. This kind of family is my definition of a “church family”.

As a single youth, you go to church alone…

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Hello! We will be looking at the effects of redis on the performance of our API server. Redis (Remote dictionary server) can be used as a database, a cache and several other things. For this project, we will be using Redis for caching.

Why do we need to cache ?

API’s are application programmable interfaces that allow you use a part of another software on your own software. It is like the middleware which allows two softwares communicate.

Obviously, we have all the details and facts about working with API’s but today we will be learning a few hacks using…

A Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS) saves us the time required to set up virtual servers, makes scalability easier and depletes the cost implication of setting up the servers.

Initially, setting up a server in the cloud required connecting and configuring all types of components but the introduction of Serverless,Docker,Heroku and the likes have…



Ok! Last week, we saw how to get the IP address that has been assigned to us on a particular network and how to know the default gateway IP address. So today, we want to know exactly what an IP address is.

An IP address…


Computer Networking involves several technical terminologies and protocols, but lets go back to the basics. There is nothing more important than understanding the basics, and from there we can build. Computer Networking is simply communication between computers. …


Web developer @Zhaptek, Nigeria. #Computer Networking. Javascript. NodeJS.

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