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We’ll build a simple monitor that will track the number of people that followed us on specific dates, using Medium as the use case. This is just a bare prototype and can be done for any other social media or networking platform.

In the end, we should have something like this:

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To achieve this, we will use the node-imap package. …

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Create the bot with Node JS
  4. Connecting the bot to a real time DB(Firebase)
  5. Run the Cron Job
  6. Script to connect to the IBM Watson API
  7. Deploy to Glitch
  8. Conclusion


This Telegram bot, would simply take three commands.

  • /start — Initializes our bot.
  • /save — Saves the string we will like to be reminded of later.
  • /time — Saves the time we would love to carry out this task.

Then, this data is saved to firebase, and a cron job is initialized, which will run at the set time. This cron job, sends a text reminder to the user, and is then converted to an audio file, using the Text to Speech IBM Watson API, and is also sent to the user. …

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Photo by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral on Unsplash

Hello, fellow members of the night’s watch. We will be looking at one of Node’s core API’s, the File System. I know we’ve been concerned with code splitting, bundle splitting, preloading and the never ending woes of the Internet Explorer, but we will be learning how Node interacts with our files and directories. This helps us handle images or assets on our server, store them properly, read the content of other files, write to files,etc.

We will be building a basic CRUD application using the file system. I think we can get started.

Our little folder structure should look like…



Web developer @Zhaptek, Nigeria. #Computer Networking. Javascript. NodeJS.

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