An Open Letter to my Best Friend:

There’s are so many of these out there and it’s going to be really cliché but our friendship is so much different than anyone else’s and sometimes you just need to be told how great you are.

Dear Best Friend,

A year ago at this time I hardly knew who you were. We were in the same friend group but never really talked and I had never hung out with you. We had chemistry together but you sat on the other side of the room. You started sitting with me at lunch and then soon after, sat with us in Chemistry as well. Whenever I tell people the reason we became best friends, they always laugh because usually something like that would make two girls hate each other but it did the exact opposite. The boy that we bonded over is so unimportant now but I’ll always owe him for unknowingly bringing me the best friend I could have ever asked for. In only one year, we’ve been through so much. We’ve been there for each through boys, school, death, but we’ve also had soooo much joy together. We even traveled across the country together! People say this meaninglessly but I genuinely mean it when I say it feels like I’ve known you my entire life. I honestly cannot remember the part of my life before you. I’m not sure how I ever made it without you by my side and I never want to find out. I laugh when I think back to when we first started hanging out. I didn’t want to be early to your house so I made my mom drive around your addition twice to stall for time. Now, I don’t even knock! I just walk in and yell “hiiii!” Your family is like my own and I’m so thankful for the love they’ve shown me. I will never be able to repay them for the amazing gift they gave me in you. I think my favorite thing ever is when we’re laying in your bed with the lights out at 1am and we just talk and laugh and we’re just genuinely happy. I think I’ll be 52 and I’ll still text you every night to say “goodnight, I love you.” Another blessing is that you ended up loving camp (almost) as much as I do! It’s such a huge part of my life and I’m elated that you are now a part of it. I pray that you never try to find your worth in a boy or anyone else and that you keep yourself rooted in Jesus because he will take you all of the places that you want to go. In my eyes, no boy will ever be good enough for you because you’re you and you’re too good for all of them. However, when you find the right one, make sure he treats you right, loves his momma and is never too busy to pray with you. If we’re ever fighting just know that I love you so much that you wouldn’t be able to comprehend it if I tried to describe it. Not that I could because there are no words good enough. God really blessed me when he gave me you and please don’t ever leave me. I love you so friggin much.