Told You So!

For years, some of us have been screaming at the top of our lungs that The Republican Party is hurtling down towards being a Racist, bigoted, Fascist party. Conservatives and Republicans have responded by pooh-poohing this, pretending to be reasonable while telling us they are only the party of inclusion, the Big Tent Party, as it were. They welcome everyone, even racists, bigots, and fascists, because isn’t that what America is all about, don’t you know.

Well, it appears Conservative and Republican mendacity has finally come around to biting them all in the ass, as the clear front-runner to be the nominee of the all-inclusive big tent GOP is none other than a racist, bigot, and fascist demagogue i.e. Donald J. Drumpf. Told you so!

And Conservatives and Republicans are surprised. They pretend as though the hatred and anger that comes out of Trump’s mouth is a recent development, as though none of this has any precedence in their party. Really? Nixon didn’t win his first term with the Southern Strategy? Reagan didn’t play on racial tensions when he denounced Welfare Queens? George H.W. Bush didn’t run the Willie Horton campaign ad over and over and over again? Sarah Palin didn’t tell us there was a “Real America” and an “Other America?” Even Paul Ryan, who just condemned Trump’s rhetoric was telling us just two years ago that the reason for poverty in America was because “inner city” residents were lazy.

Conservatives and Republicans are in a state of denial about the monster they created with their hateful rhetoric. Yet almost every day you can find a story about some down-ticket Republican who has made a joke about the President being a monkey or comparing people of color to animals. Trump isn’t new. Trump is simply the Republican Id writ large. He is the Republican Party unfiltered. And we should hold them accountable for what they have tried to do our country.

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