An Undeveloped Accident

I don’t know why few things stuck in my unactivated brain but one of the concepts that I’ve always returned to was the concept of “the moveable thumb” and how it was pointed out to me by a teacher that it is “the moveable thumb” that separates humans from animals. That it was “the moveable thumb” that is the most prominent sign of intelligence [i guess the teacher meant aside from the brain itself] (or at least being able to have something that provides a point of reference or comparison).

The moveable thumb is something that I can add to the list of built into my humanity that I can take for granted. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of use of my hands or how long I’ve lived without a spine that has put the debate somewhere in my synaptic life. I’ve convinced myself that it’s having a spine and not so much the moveable thumb. Although I’ve always been able to walk erect and it has been what naturally followed from crawling I haven’t always felt that I’ve had an “activated” spine. Also, I have days where I walk around naked. I feel I’ve become aware of a before aborigines status and an after aborigine status. It could be largely due to the senses of a woman who gave birth to me and what she sensed she didn’t want to be and what she could be. Through much frustration and latency I finally have a spine. It’s knowing what I felt like before I had one and knowing that she could never develop one like the one that I have that continues to remind me about how unfair life can be.

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