3rd Quarter — 5th Journal

I just woke up. Yes. I am with my Sister, Niece and Brother in law, by now. My Mom and the rest went to Baguio. I did not come with them, We just went off road last Saturday, went to my Cousin’s Birthday Party. I gave up on road trip, I just Hate them. Even only thinking that we’re going out, going far home, makes me dizzy.

Monday — I woke up late, again. I’ve been absent for that reason. Atleast I did not woke up Late in Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I just spent Wednesday on just sleeping.

On Thursday, We bought three books from the book fair. By now, I am reading Deep Blue, I am atleast half of it, by now. Frank borrowed the other one, Midnight Thief, and I think it’s a bad idea when they found out that I let someone borrow the book. Well, they complaint when they saw that the books were expensive.

Friday — Christmas Party’s coming and I don’t know what to do with it. Or how to prepare for it. Then, Ash, slipped the secret, causing another one to know it. Well, I think it’s fair, ’cause I am teasing her with him. “Ashley and — are sittin’ in a tree.” Well, you know how it goes.

Now, Saturday. I woke up, with no one. Except for our dog, Chowchow. I texted my mother. Just as I thought, they were in Baguio City. Then, a few hours later, My Sister, Her Spouse and daughter, came here. To look out for me, of course. My Family would never leave me alone, Or let me go alone.

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