Weekly Journal #1

WARNING/s: There are things that you do not know/happened to me/us in this week (I don’t know if it’s suppose to be a warning.)

So, there are two things that you may not know, I’ve only found out THIS week, it just happened so fast. And, it may be a long one.

This Monday night, my Mother told me that She and my Dad are going back to Cebu, The Reason is, My Grandma just died,(maybe) the reason why my mom cried after that phone call on Sunday Afternoon. She wants us (me & my sisters) to go with her but the money wasn’t enough. She said to me that she’s going to leave at Tuesday Noon. We are left with my Grandmother (Father’s Mom), and my 2 younger sisters were ABSENT almost a week.

And then, there’s this Stomach ache that occured after i ate 2 chocolate and mint flavoured cookies (Oreos, they said) at Thursday, breaktime. I only went to clinic after 1 subject and when Miss Khris Marie B. San Diego was beginning to discuss, ONLY to found out that I may have a Hyper Acidi-thingy (Hyper Acidis or Hyper Acidic?). I texted my mother at Thursday lunch to told her about this Hyper Acid-thing. Both of them (the nurse and my mother) told me to not eat a chocolate, etc. My Mother also told me to buy this medicine after.

Yesterday night, my Father went home. I don’t know much what happened ’cause I was already asleep.

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