Choose your battles…

Six months into a happy marriage. An amazing human being for a husband. A caring family. A comfortable job. A happy life.

All of this define me at the moment.

Everything that I kind of wanted, needed, few months back. Yet there are times when I do not feel happy. I am not unhappy…just that I do not feel happy…a sense of nothingness engulfs me at times.

I continue to ask myself the reason of it all, where ever I am, whatever I do. I have no one to blame this feeling of void that I feel. I know I am the source, I know I can go ahead and correct it, yet I succumb to it.

I try to see his ways everyday. Try and understand his source of happiness. I know its within him and not without. That’s what makes him special. I want to learn that from him. I want him to teach me that. But all I do is drive him further away from me. Gradually.

Life can be whatever you want it to be. You always have a choice. What will make a difference is whether or not you exercise that choice.

Someone told me ‘Choose your battles…you cannot fight them all’. I choose to fight the one with my own self.

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