Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: The Tale of A Progressive Professor Who Forgot To Hide Her…
Kayla Renee Parker

It’s more like a wolf in wolf’s clothing. That’s just how SJWs are — completely irresponsible, and if you disagree with them, they’ll try to destroy you. They cannot wield any power that they have. If they’re in position of power, if you cross them, they will use it all to try and silence you. This is every single one of them.

It’s got nothing to do with history or social issues. It’s about post-modernists and Marxists thinking they’re virtuous, and everything they do is good. So if they hurt you, to them that means hurting you was a good thing.

You say whatever you wish to say, that’s a truth that needs to be spoken. But be careful who you make friends with — these people, SJWs, they’re never good. Consistently. Especially the white ones. SJWs are all weak people trying to weasel their way into power. They don’t care how they go about it — they’ll placate causes, they’ll lie, they’ll pretend to be something they’re not. Their interest is not truth, it is power. As you have found out. They’re not the friends of any righteous cause.

Looking at statistics, it’s self-evident that there’s issues black Americans have that need resolving. For the past 20 years, zero progress has been made, and that’s in part because white SJWs have a tight hold on that cause, they won’t let anyone touch it. Black people’s problems are white SJWs’ means to power.

That’s partly because a family of two parents is objectively the best thing for a child, but SJWs do not believe in the nuclear family. They believe it’s a tool of oppression. This is why in the 80s, black kids had more stable families than white ones, but in the 90s, when SJWs got a hold of black issues, that statistic went down. You can’t expect these people to help you.

They’ll give you trinkets and loans, tokens of “heroism”, they will placate you so you don’t rattle your chain too much. But they won’t help you. Black people are too powerful, and SJWs have subdued them. No power-hungry weasel in her right mind would let go of such power and potential.

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