First Post

Okay, so I don’t really know how to start but hey it seems that many people were in this position at some stage so here we go!

I’ve written many things for myself in the past, mainly just to get the thoughts out of my head. I feel there is something therapeutic about writing, even if nobody ever reads it.

I’ve posted a couple of things here and there over the years but I’ve never properly delved in and continuously posted. I’ve always been hesitant about sharing, as if my posts would be subpar; but I guess as with anything that’s only more the reason to get started ASAP!

“Blogging is just writing — writing using a particularly efficient type of publishing technology.” — Simon Dumenco

Keeping Track

I feel that it’s a great way to keep track of your own personal progress. It’s great for self development; to take a step back and look at yourself and what you’re doing.

There’s something about having your thoughts, feelings and opinions out in public that makes them more real.

If I say I want to reach a certain point in my development, be it in software development, reading, writing or exercise; then when I look back at my posts I’ll be more accountable.

…and it’s easier than ever with great tools like Medium!

So here’s my work station; sometimes it’s the dining table, sometimes it’s the bed, sometimes the office and occasionally a coffee shop.


The main inspiration for starting this blog is that recently I’ve been reading many other blogs and watching vlogs. I thought to myself, if they can do it why not me.

There is a particular moment that stays with me and stuck the idea of blogging in my head. It was during the PorterHack (Hackathon) in Galway, Ireland. Tracy Keogh from Bank of Ireland came in, talked to all the teams, then almost immediately had a post up on Medium, I thought it was great. You don’t always need to spend time perfecting something. Sometimes you just need to dive in and do it, and that’s what she did (here is the post:

Blog Goals

I’ll be using this blog mostly to track progress on hobbies and skills, as well as some thoughts and opinions.

Some topics I’ll be writing about include:

  • Technology (Software development & Web design)
  • Projects (Web apps / sites mostly)
  • Languages (Learning Spanish & French)
  • English (Becoming a better reader and writer)
  • Photography (Images from various photoshoots I’ve done)
  • Music (Learning to play the piano)
  • Other stuff (Sports, Travel, Food, Who knows…)

These topics are some of the goals I have in my life. I know that many blogs try to stick to one specific area, however I get inspired and enthused by new things all the time so it’ll be a bit of everything here!

By writing about my progress in these areas it’ll help keep me in check and also perhaps help others getting into these areas.