Hi I’m just regular guy, I just end a 1 year relationship and I lose it. I lost myself finding love, sometimes is hard to see but my brain it’s doesn’t understand what is happening. I think that I let her down at the end but most important I let myself down for not to love myself from the beginning and try to find love in someone else. If she didn’t showed me that she cared why I was trying to see the invisible?

It’s hard to let go someone but is more hard to realized that you need to hear someone saying I love or showing actions to love yourself or having that need of being loved. I give everything that I had. Because love that is all about if you don’t give the 100% why you are in a relationship? Love doesn’t mean that you need to give your 100 and receive the 70. Nooo. But is too late to realized that.

I still love her. And that’s the worst thing I think. I know what is happening but my brain doesn’t want to realized that.

I need to move on, let it go and move on. I miss her obviously but is not the love that I deserve.