I read an article on my way to work yesterday. It was letter to the editor by a lady asking for advice on how to manage her affairs. She has been in a relationship for the last three years albeit it being long distance. At the point of writing the letter she had engaged herself with another man for casual sex and now was in a dilemma.

“My Friends Think I’m Cheating But It’s Just Sex.” read the letter. She continued with a narrative that's common in today's society, painting a picture of where her confusion was coming from. "I simply want to do things that make me happy and this does. But I can’t continue this way, can I?"

In response the article editor had tough words that brought me to thinking about today's article. 
"It’s easier to just have sex with someone else rather than talk about what you need and expect from your current relationship." Adding that "No strings attached sex cuts the strings attached between you and your boyfriend."

See, We live in a generation where we are so used to micro-wave solutions to everything that more often than not, it becomes hard to put the work in relationships, we commit as much as our comfort zone allows us. We believe life is short and so whatever makes us "happy" we must do.

Its a life where you recieve suggestive messges followed by "please delete our chats and call logs so that your girlfriend/wife doesn’t see." And just in case you take time to absorb that, she follows with "I don’t want trouble with your woman". We belong to a world where sex is the cheapest anti-depressant acceptable by all. We hide behind "what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you" yet we live entangled in our past situationships, finding it hard to fully trust the new people in our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I am not immune, I face this everyday, its a daily struggle to choose what makes you get through time and what makes you happy.

See most of our happiness or sadness comes from the relationships and friendships we keep. I know I know, we mostly think we are the only ones involved in creating happiness, but our immediate environment works for or against us in that happiness journey.

Though I still believe happiness, comes from the heart, from peace, from a life free of regret. From being guided by my conscious. Do I have regrets? Yes and that's why I started a search for happiness. Not to be perfect, not to be self righteous, but to retell stories and lessons I learn through life. It might or might not be your thing, but I am glad you stopped by and read through.

Be Happy!