22 Random Business or App Ideas

Some good, some bad.

An app that gamifies being ‘green’. Get XP for doing things like planting trees, cycling to work or recycling.

Mobile car washing service. Order a car wash through the app and someone will come and wash your car without you having to even get out of bed.

Bracelet that holds beads. A bit like Pandora bracelets but for kids. Kids can collect branded beads (Like Pokemon beads). It will be the new fad in schools.

Website that reviews all websites. Review things like load speed, UX and amount of ads.

Live streaming of local gigs and DJs in clubs. Promote the venues.

School register iPad app. Each student registers as they enter the class either on a communal iPad or on their own ones. If it is on their own, give them a short quiz to kick off the class.

Website for artists to display their work. They can only display one piece at a time.

Urban gardening app that logs locations for potential garden-ability and then where gardeners can write care instructions for others for that plot.

App that helps socially awkward people. Set challenges through the day like starting a conversation with a stranger or holding the door for someone.

App to take orders at the table in a restaurant. The server just brings the food. Everything is paid through the app.

Deliveroo for everything. Order anything that is available in local shops and they will deliver it within the hour.

Public safe for buying stuff on craigslist. The seller puts the items in the safe. Then when the buyer pays, they get the combination. All automated through the app.

An app for street performers. They display a QR code while performing so passers by can give money digitally.

Donating app for public figures and rich people. Have weekly leaderboards so they can boast about how much they give.

Website where non-profits submit work they need doing (Websites, graphics, etc). People can pitch to do that work for free. The people doing the work have a public profile showing off how much volunteer work they have done.

Website where you upload pictures of your home. An interior designer photoshops the photos to what the rooms could look like and gives you links to the products used. You can set a budget for them to work to. Maybe use 3D photos.

Solar powered christmas lights. Charge all day and are on all night. The power would at least be enough to last until everyone is in bed. Who need christmas lights on at 2am?

Gamify loosing weight. Connect to bluetooth scales and collect badges and level up while you loose weight.

App for kids to collect points for doing chores. Parents add points and reward milestones. If the kid has a phone or tablet, they can have the app too to see their progress.

Digital photo frame with a touchscreen. Tap the screen to reveal IoT controls for lights and stuff.

Public bike park with super secure locks already attached. £1 to unlock. You can pay by NFC or coin.

Drones for construction sites to deliver tools to builders up on roofs.

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