This is a simple setup guide to install Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi and get it set up headlessly. This means that we we won’t ever need to plug a keyboard, mouse or screen into it.

This is a tutorial for MacOS and Linux because it makes use of the terminal.

Make sure you have these things:

  • Your Raspberry Pi
  • A way to power your Raspberry Pi
  • A micro SD card
  • A micro SD card adapter so you can plug it into your computer
  • A computer
  • If your Pi doesn’t have WiFi built in, you’ll need a WiFi dongle.

For the past three years now, I have chosen a word for the year ahead. This word represents something I am going to grow in for the next 52 weeks that will, hopefully, become part of who I am.


2018s word was Focus. This year was all about finding my calling and stripping away things in my life that were hindering me from moving towards it.

I sold possessions and threw stuff away, I deleted old side projects and tried to purge as much unnecessary stuff from my life as possible.

Though 2018 was the year of focus. That doesn’t…

As 2018 comes to a close, I want to look back on my goals I set at the beginning and see if I achieved them. I also want to see what my goals for 2019 will be.

I don’t like new years resolutions. They never last that long. If I say to myself, “Go to the gym every week in 2019.” The first week I don’t end up going, I have failed. Going again the next week doesn’t feel like it did before. I feel like once I have failed, I should just wait until next year and start again.

I love the word “fail”. Not only is it a good search term on YouTube to return some funny videos but it also means something great.

If you have failed you have both tried something new and learnt from it. These two things are invaluable.

I’m twenty seven. And since I was about sixteen, I have wanted to have my own business and be my own boss. So over the years, I have started and ended many businesses. From freelancing to e-commerce to media.

I learned a lot of things by having these businesses. Every one of them failed in…

Here are two ways of receiving notifications from you Raspberry Pi Python scripts.


Sending simple notifications to your email address is quite easy if you aren’t bothered about formatting text in fancy ways.

Here is the code to send yourself an email with a subject and a body:

import smtplibSUBJECT = "The subject"
MESSAGE = "The message"
msg = "Subject: %s\n\n%s" % (SUBJECT, MESSAGE)
server = smtplib.SMTP('', 587)
server.login("{EMAIL USERNAME}", "{EMAIL PASSWORD}")
server.sendmail("{FROM EMAIL ADDRESS}", "{TO EMAIL ADDRESS}", msg)

Advertising in magazines is something that hasn’t changed in many years. They are there to help keep the cost of the magazine itself down and are the reason some are free. But how often do you look at the ads? Do you look at all of them? What is it about those ads that you end up paying attention to? And, most importantly, how can I get my ad seen?

Most ads in a magazine end up being just a small bit of information about the business, its logo and some colour. This ends up being just another block in…

Some good, some bad.

An app that gamifies being ‘green’. Get XP for doing things like planting trees, cycling to work or recycling.

Mobile car washing service. Order a car wash through the app and someone will come and wash your car without you having to even get out of bed.

Bracelet that holds beads. A bit like Pandora bracelets but for kids. Kids can collect branded beads (Like Pokemon beads). It will be the new fad in schools.

Website that reviews all websites. Review things like load speed, UX and amount of ads.

Live streaming of local gigs and DJs in clubs. …

Pokémon GO is not for the light hearted especially if you aim to be the very best! As a PokéMaster myself, I have put together this definitive guide to becoming a Badass Pokémon Go Master!


What’s that on your Pokémon tracker?! A Blastoise! But you are in an area that consists of mostly private land.

Large fences with ‘Trespassers will be shot’ signage adorning the perimeter would deter the less radical but you have a super rare Pokémon to catch! You PokéJump that fence and hunt out that Blastoise because that is what’s important right now. Those signs are just…

Emmet, Minimap, Pigments, Terminal Plus and File Icons

I have been using Atom as my code editor for a while now and every now and then, I will have a look to see if there are any new packages that could help me out. I have collected here a few that I now consider essential.

1. Emmet

Most of us know what Emmet is by now. But if you don’t here is an example:

You type:

<div class=”container”>
<div class=”row num1”>
<div class=”col-md-4">
<div class=”col-md-8">…

A few things that will be the cherry on top of your website and contribute to SEO.

1. Android Address Bar Colour

Android users may notice that when visiting some websites on your phone of tablet, the address bar reflects the branding colour of the site you are on. This is a neat little feature that gives your site a more integrated, ‘web app’ feel.

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Web Developer, musician, aspiring entrepreneur.

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