SequoiaDB won the bidding for the Image Content Management Platform project of Bank of Guangzhou

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Recently, SequoiaDB won the bidding for the Image Content Management Platform project to promote the smart business upgrading in Bank of Guangzhou.

With the continuous advancement of the banks’ intelligent transformation, unstructured data such as images, audio and video, and even user biometric information are becoming more and more important in bank data management. Therefore, building a new generation of unstructured data management platform has become the top priority of banks’ smart business transformation.

In this cooperation, SequoiaDB will help Bank of Guangzhou to build a new generation of unstructured data management platform to improve efficiency and simplify operation through the advantages of flexible scalability, high performance, security, stability, easy operation and maintenance of distributed databases. SequoiaDB will support more innovative businesses and help Guangzhou Bank achieve smart transformation and further enhance its core competitiveness.

Introduction to Bank of Guangzhou

Guangzhou Bank is a joint-stock commercial bank controlled by the Guangzhou Municipal Government. Its predecessor was the Guangzhou City Cooperative Bank, which was established on the basis of 46 urban credit cooperatives. Bank of Guangzhou was established on September 17, 1996. Later renamed as Guangzhou Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. As of the end of 2017, the assets of Guangzhou Bank were 440.152 billion yuan, the balance of various deposits was 281.585 billion yuan, the balance of various loans was 169.411 billion yuan, the total profit was 3.852 billion yuan, and the net profit was 3.220 billion yuan. Bank of Guangzhou was named to The Banker’s Global Bank Top 500 in 2018.
(Excerpt from the official website of Guangzhou Bank)

Introduction to SequoiaDB

SequoiaDB is the leading distributed database company in China. Since the establishment in 2011, SequoiaDB has been driving the product development with technology, insisting on building an open-source distributed database engines from scratch and focusing on the implementation in financial business. In 2017 and 2018, SequoiaDB has been listed for two consecutive years, and is the first Chinese database vendor listed.

As financial-level distributed database management system SequoiaDB, the distributed content management software SequoiaCM, and the cloud database platform SequoiaDB DBaas are the three main products of SequoiaDB. SequoiaDB features distributed NewSQL, RADOS and high-performance NoSQL. The business scenarios include distributed OLTP (Online Transactional Processing), distributed content management, high massive data storage performance and cloud database platform.

SequoiaDB now has more than 1000 enterprise customers and community users. SequoiaDB has been deployed on core system of more than 50 major financial institutions, like banking, insurance and security clients of Fortune- 500 Level.

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