Appreciating The Journey.

If you’re like me then you’ve created some sort of bubble around your life and are just primarily focused on things inside that bubble or things that affect that bubble. If you’re even more like me you find that you’re too focused or stressing on what’s going on in that bubble. For me it could be money issues, problems with involving my family or my girl, issues that come with building my business or just worrying about the future too much. I’m mainly writing this to remind myself and others like me to just relax a little and enjoy this ride called life. That doesn’t mean to stop working and just completely let go of the wheel, but more so trying to be more mindful that the stress and setbacks are what make the journey worthwhile. I’m more spiritual than religious but I am a firm believer in God & but I know that he wouldn’t bring me this far just for me to fail; also that any setbacks, issues, or mishaps are there just to make me stronger. Something my mother said that stuck with me is that “if you take one step, God will take the next one” and to me that meant if I put the effort in to achieve my goals God will take the steps to help me make them come to fruition. One of my favorite rappers J. Cole has a line where he says “There’s beauty in the struggle” and that’s 100% true. Me appreciating my journey is also me taking a step out of my bubble to appreciate the beauty of what’s going on in it. It might be cliché to say but things can always be much worse, I have a lot of good things going on, I’m healthy, there are people love me and more importantly I’m alive. As another one of my favorite rappers 2 Chainz said, “If you woke up this morning, … you’re winning”. All in all, I know I have a long way to go as far as how I want my bubble to be but I’m better off enjoying the process of making thing better instead of being miserable and resenting it. I hope this helps you just as much as it helped me.