Journey to Pandora’s Box: Chapter 2 — Envy, jealousy

“Ugh… Hmmmm. Darling, can you please turn the TV off? I had the wildest dream ever… I was trapped in Pandora’s box.”

“Actually, I think it’s high-time for you to wake up,” said an unfortunately familiar voice.

I jumped up, seeing nothing else than the white halo around Pandora’s floating body and the temple hall again.

With a sigh I growled: “What time is it?”

“I’m sorry, there’s no time here, Harry. In this realm everything happens right now and in all times simultaneously. You can imagine this hall as a crossroads that can lead you to the past, present and future everywhere in the universe.”

“So once I get answers on all my questions, you can actually send me back in time, before we travelled to Antarctica with my team, right?”

Pandora tilted her head, thinking for a while: “If you promise not to come here ever again, then yes, I can do that.”

This discovery removed my grumpiness and I started actually thinking about enjoying this “trip”.
“By the way, why did you make me fall asleep after visiting Narcissus?”

“Despite the fact that we are not located in a time dependent world, I summoned you here with your physical body,” Pandora ended the sentence like it was super clear what it means.

“…And next?”

She started laughing and after a while she continued: “You people had thousands of years to develop your brain and here you stand in front of me, asking me such a question? People from my time were much smarter! Never mind. Your physical body is here which means it needs to rest and sleep regularly. After the trip your body was already exhausted because time travel works in a different way for a physical body than to an energy entity, such as soul.”

Looking at her sharply for mocking me about my brain, I asked no more about this topic because I am no physicist and even if I was, I’m not sure if such a feat is possible.

“Ok, I understand… My today’s question would be about envy and jealousy. Mainly because before we headed east from Cape Town, the World Archaeology Congress director was actually jealous that we will travel here, trying to find the Box, without him.”

Whooosh! Everything got blurred and I had a feeling I’m flying through something like a wormhole again. It took couple of seconds and there I was. Deserted sandy street with old looking buildings around me were illuminated by the full moon. Pandora appeared in front of me and gestured to follow her.

“This is Athens, around 9600 BC,” stated Pandora and led me towards a Zeus temple at the top of the hill. She pointed at a couple, hugging behind one of the pillars. “And this is Antheia and Perikles. Today’s trip is not about another lecture of envy and jealousy nature. Don’t ask me why. These attributes were with people the whole time. But I understand you like stories, so this is a story of a great envy and jealousy from the past.”

I was watching the couple and I couldn’t help myself but thinking that Perikles doesn’t look like an ordinary Greek man from that time. He wore strange elastic clothes which rather looked like those from Star Wars… “Pandora, who is he? He doesn’t belong to this place at all!”

“You’re right. Perikles, at least known to Antheia under this name, is a son of a king from an island. And he’s just fell in love with Anteia.”

“Why do I have a feeling that this ‘island’ is not an ordinary island?”

Pandora snapped her fingers and we appeared about 100 meters above a huge island. It was already morning and the sun showed me all the beauty of this place. An enormous island with a strange, metallic mountain of a perfect conical shape at its center. There was a huge palace under the mountain and both were standing on an island, surrounded by rings of water and ground with buildings that I’ve never seen before.

“Pandora, is this what I think it is?”

“Harry, welcome to Atlantis.”

I was completely shocked and could not even think of what to say. I’ve always imagined Atlantis just as a myth and nothing else. And here it lies beneath me, all real and looking more like some sci-fi city rather than a Greek culture on a fiction island made up by Plato.

“What happened here? I have millions of questions!”

Pandora was silent for a while, bearing a sad face before she started.

“Plato was almost correct with his explanation that the king of Atlantis was a son of the god Poseidon. At the time he found a way to the island and hid himself in the forest, he could see what this culture is capable of. Flying on machines, healing their kin with a touch and other marvelous feats. Yet this culture was not able to love and live life like humans could.

When the Atlantian king Thanatos found out that his own son fell in love with a Greek girl, he felt an enormous envy and jealousy and marched with the full army to Greece to destroy it. Unfortunately for Thanatos, Perikles installed the shield generator to the mountain Olympus that protected Greece from the extra-terrestrial attack. Thanatos bid his son farewell and took the city back to their homeworld.”

“That’s why Plato described the Atlantis disappearing in a day and night with earthquake and fire! Can I please explore the city?”

Pandora nodded with agreement and disappeared. It was actually easy to learn the flying and I landed in front of the palace.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” I asked when the ground started shaking. From the other side of the courtyard guards started running towards me. I knew they can’t see me so I started preparing to take off back to Pandora but a huge web landed on me, pinning me to the ground!

The captain only said the others to take me to the king.

“Pandora, help me!” was the last thing I could manage before an electroshock stunned me.