Favorite Social Media accounts

Fatima Hasan

Apple Music: Apple provides people who are interested in music, a special program that called Apple Music in 2015, where people can download their Favorite albums songs and music Video. As I am I interested in music, I signed up to this amazing streaming service and it became my addiction. In each month it costs 19.99 AED, which is small amount of money that allowed you to listen to unlimited songs in Arabic& English. The service also provides you internet radio station with different type of music. For example, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Dance, Pop, oldies, R&B, Mixtape, Arabic Music and many! However, for people who are interested about their favorite artist’s news, they can check and follow them through the application because it allows artists to share their posts, photos, videos, and tracks with subscribers.

Snapchat: I chose Snapchat because nowadays Snapchat became everybody used and I can say that it’s became my daily used. I checked my snap in each 3 hours or maybe less because it’s such a fun application where it allowed you to share your moment by photos or Video. Snapchat became everyone’s favorite from the feature that it has, I can chat, comment to my friend’s photos or video and sometimes I used a video to connect with them rather than Skype. However Snapchat has a private feature, where allowed you to choose who you want to follow and who you want to expect. For me I prefer to make my Snapchat private because I usually post about my life, friends and family. What mostly I like about Snapchat is that pictures and video are only available for a short time before they become inaccessible, so you can share it with your accounts once you connect with the Wi-Fi. Snapchat has been updating the App by using some different funny filter that has been added lately, people can edit their photo and video easily using Snapchat which make it more fun for us.Snapchat evolved into a mix of private messaging and public content, including brand networks, publications, and live events such as sports and music.

Instgram: Instagram is an open platform where you can share pictures; video. Lately Instgram launched the new service, which is live stream. It may sounds as regular social media application but it’s not. Instagram affords an easy and simple access to the pages, the general structure of the pages looks like a gallery which help you to explore the whole contents in one page instead of scrolling down the timeline and wasting time. Instagram was designed as a visual application allowed the users to share their pictures each page reflects the user personality, from Arts to fitness account you can find anything you’re interested in. On other hand, Instagram is offering businesses pages option, which makes it one of the best applications available for businesses purposes, you can search easily by using the hash tags and you will find what you’re looking for within seconds. Moreover, Instgram is giving the audience more than a tweet or simple post it gives you a gallery with un-limited posts, and with no doubts visual media is always easier to reach the people than written and audio media.