Sis, don’t drown in the shallow end.

I like to tell myself that I don’t give a toss about what people have to say about me. But myself and I know that’s a half truth. I don’t think there’s anyone in life who honestly doesn’t care about what the next person has to say. You’re lying. You know you think about it for a little bit. As per why did they feel the need to say what they said? What was the thought process behind said statement? What were said individual’s intentions? A bunch of unnecessary brain cells wasted. But it happens. And it irritates me. I hate that I can’t take what anyone says at face value and just keep it pushing.

Sometimes I wish I could ask these questions out loud, but it would start a nasty cycle. Questions would lead to more questions, and at some point — insanity.

I’ve had conversations with friends, and I know I’m not alone. But it’s exhausting, ah. Constantly trying to figure out foolish nothings. Tobi, all he said was, “Those fries look very crisp”. I doubt he was referring to your ashy ankles. Relax.

I’ve been getting better at it though. I catch myself and slap myself back to reality and what matters.

I like these very short posts. I don’t feel pressured to make too much sense. This might just become a thing folks.
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