A Culmination of Articles That People Have Already Written

Because there’s nothing new under the sun…

The world doesn’t really change all that much.

Or does it?

Okay, that’s not completely accurate. People are still pretty much the same as we were 20/30/40 years ago. Society has changed, the way we interact with the worl\ mkl…

My dog walked on my computer as I was typing and messed that up…

Let me start over. Society has changed, the way we interact with the world is different, and cities look different, but the way that people think is still pretty much the same.

And people in New York are not that different than people in Witchita, Kansas. They probably have different interests, dress differently, and surely go to different places, but they are motivated by the same things.

And people have mostly been motivated by the same core things since the first man walked on earth.

Now back to: “the way we interact with the world is different”

In 1969, if you would have asked Neil Armstrong what he thought 2017 would look like, he would have probably said something along the lines of:

Well, outer space will no longer be for astronauts and highly trained scientists. We will be exploring the galaxies, and have residential colonies on Mars, the Moon, in orbit, or all of the above. — Neil Armstrong, circa 1969, probably, I’m guessing…

I can’t know for sure that he would have thought that. I was in my negative 20s in 1969. But you get the idea.

If I could travel back in time to 1969, and I would have told Neil that, no, we are not quite to that level of space exploration, BUT everybody has a device the size of a pocket-sized notebook in our pockets where we can access the entirety of the world’s information by talking to it, he would have called BS.

You can decide for yourself which world you would want to live in. For me, I love my iPhone. Hopefully it’ll get us to Mars one day.

I say all of this to say: The way that we interact with the world has certainly changed, and the business world is just now beginning to catch up.

People spend a lot of time on their phones.

The average person spends 90 minutes per day on their phone. That amounts to up to 23 days a year, and 3.9 years spent looking at a phone screen.

Additionally, the average person has 5 social media accounts. This is where the vast majority of people’s attention lies.

This is the first piece in a series about how to rise above the noise in a 2017 world. We at Fresh Mind Studios will be covering microcontent, which platforms matter for who, principles of good content creation, and more.

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