Cas or Cass

Okay so here is this discussion about the Supernatural character Castiel. Their own fandom attacked him on twitter because they spell it Cass, while they think, they should spell it Cas.

Ok, first of all, he can spell it however the fuck he wants to spell it! He plays the damn charachter. It is all up to him.

Second, you are fans of the show, by all means instead of attacking him, you should’ve support him in any way!

Third, The discussion is stupid and ment for stupid people. You guys are fortunate enough that he is actually has given any reaction towards this. If it would be me, that wouldn’t have happened.

fourth, Misha collins does alot of good things together with his co-actors ‘Jared padalecki’ and ‘Jensen Ackles’. 
He has done all kind of campaigns! He is the co-founder and board president of Random act of Kindness. He founded the Greatest International Scavenger hunt the world has ever seen!

And then his own fandom dares to attack him because he prefers to say Cass instead of Cas. How simple minded are you people. Have you not seen what a good guy he is? How much he has done?

If he says it’s Cass, it’s Cass, not Cas! Simple. Discussion closed!

I say stop being dumb and actually support him like he would support anyone!