I got tired of not knowing where my money is going

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Owomida Overview Page

What is Owomida?

Owomida is a small service I built to keep track of my personal finances in Nigeria. Owomida is based off existing tools like Mint, Ynab, and other budgeting platforms. The phrase “Owo mi da?” is Yoruba for “Where’s my money?”

Why do I need it?

Since moving back to Lagos, I’ve struggled with understanding exactly where my money goes. Surprisingly, this isn’t a problem I face alone. I have spoken to locals, expats, and vacationers. …

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What is Na Lie?

Na Lie is the latest way to verify the “truthfulness” of information from the internet using a sophisticated machine learning library, it helps you verify information. From job vacancies to social media posts, Na Lie analyses provided phone numbers, text, and email addresses, and confirms their level of authenticity.

It is an Android app that verifies and filters fake messages. It is a real-time validation system that properly verifies text messages while ensuring data privacy. The aim is to proactively detect and prevent text-based financial fraud and fake messages from successfully soliciting information and funds from unsuspecting users.

The Challenge

Information flows freely in today’s technological advanced era. Several sources provide data and reports to the public and most times, it is difficult to tell which one is true or fabricated. In Nigeria, there is a lot of information in circulation on major social media platforms, be it news reports, job vacancies, snapshots of information etc, and due to the accessibility to mobile devices, people can view these easily. The major issue is knowing what information is real or fake. …

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I recently had the opportunity and pleasure of reading Tony Robbins “Money, Master The Game.” Watching his lectures online, reading his articles, and just listening to his advice has helped me move in a more positive direction. Reading this book has changed my life for the better as well. Not only did this man go out of his way to understand the investment world, he sat down with people who have proven time after time to be successful in this field, and he gives wonderful advice about how to be a better person.

He gives us access to investment gurus like Ray Dalio, Mary Callahan Erdoes, Warren Buffett, David Swensen, Charles Schwab, and more. If you don’t know who they are, then checkout the links, take some time, and do a little digging. They are some of the wealthiest and brightest investors of our time, and have survived depressions, market crashes, and some of the worst events in history, without going broke. …


Aderinsola Akintilo

Multidisciplinary Designer — Striving to make Nigeria a better country

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