The Arrival Fallacy: How I Never Found Happiness
Charles Chu

Some points here are nicely written :) yet I feel kind of sad reading this article. It seems that you’re blaming her for the lost of your happiness.

Did she really take your freedom away? Did she actually ask you to help and fix her? What question did she ask that had you made the commitment and answered “don’t worry, I’ll support you.” You said she blamed you for the lack of sympathy. Is that so hard to give when you love someone?

I’ve read the comments in this article and I agree to what some of the people say. The comment regarding whether you’re scammed or not is also an interesting perspective! Anyways, your love seemed to be condition. You also figured that you’ve made this arrival fallacy, meaning that you kind of disregarded the downs with your partner, and let it be the reason of why you’ve lost your freedom. Is there any potential opportunities of growth that came along with it?

Maybe for me, love is simple. I’m not sure but let me know what you think :)

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