Life gets in the way…

I’ve just been discharged from the hospital on Friday and I’m realizing that life is on hold for me a bit. I’ve been living with CF for so many years and I am now realizing the worst parts of this disease. I’ve never had so many issues with it. Yes, I get hospitalized every so often and yes my PFT can be low but I’ve never been so scared to be living with this disease.

I was put through hell trying to get a PICC line placed. They attempted 9 times before finding an area that works. In the end, the line was pulled within 24 hours of placement because it formed a blood clot; not just a small heparin can fix but a DVT that now I’m on blood thinners for 6 weeks.

I’m sorry but I’ve never had a problem before, and if the line wasn’t working the first maybe 3 times you’d think they stop but no. Now I’m bruised up my left arm where the attempts were. Oh, and to top this off I’ve been told my veins can’t hold the lines anymore or any IV line for that matter so I will be needing a port in the near future.

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