How I Started Using Sketch App In Windows
Martijn Schoenmaker

Hi Martijn,

Firstly, thank you for this thread. 
I really want to buy Sketch and yet being a Windows and Linux user, I’m hamstrung. This article brings hope ! 
From reading up on installing El Cap, it isn't easy and hardware is said to be an issue, yet here I read you installed it on a lappy. Whoa… Props !!!!

You asked about Pinegrow… I brought a copy… It rocks.
It is fairly involved to use and while the interface is sexy, it isn't as intuitive as I imagined. That said, a worthy investment!

Back on Sketch… for the life of me can’t understand why it isn’t ported to ‘nix. 
Apple came from BSD… 
Yes it has come a long, long, way, but… it did start as ‘nix.

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