Project FANchise: The Future of Sports Management

Can you actually be considered a real sports fan if you do not yell at the television about every little occurrence during a game and insist to your buddies, “I could run the team so much better”? I do not think it is physically possible for a real fan to keep quiet and stay grounded throughout the course of an entire game. Maybe that type of fan does exist out there somewhere, but I have yet to run into one of them at a bar or tailgate. I have; however, become very familiar with a bunch of rowdy and ungrateful smart-aleck armchair GMs and let me tell you, they are real sports fans. One of the few things that connect all sports fans, some of which are mortal enemies (I am looking at you Patriot/Bronco fans), is the desire to run their own team. Inside every single one of us is a little voice that comes out during the tough times in a season and whispers, “You would be a much better GM than him,” or “you know so much more about football than that stupid coach”. My recent Fantasy Football Superbowl victory is only making that little voice a little louder. Does having a PhD in Sports Talk from my local bar and a Fantasy Football championship under my belt mean I have what it takes to run a real team?

Project FANchise is all about putting the reins of a real football team in the hands of the real football experts, the fans. Fans have been longing for this opportunity since George Costanza from the SitCom Seinfeld planted the idea of being a GM in our heads. Sadly for George, Project FANchise was not around back in 1991, but his loss is our gain. Project FANchise lets you, the sports fan, have full access to a vast array of decisions that include roster construction, mascot and logo decisions, and coaching and game plan calls. This is literally the fans team, meaning the fans will make or break the future of this franchise. This is not Madden or 2K, this is real life with real decisions about real people. Admit it, it is overwhelming, never before has this much power been put in the hands of people who were not “experts”. That is what makes Project FANchise so incredible; the little guy who would never have an opportunity like this in the fixed game of life now has a shot in the black and white gridiron game of football.

Project FANchise is not only the first fan run sports team in the world, but it is also the future of sports, as we know them. When the secret gets out that the armchair GMs and the Monday Morning Quarterbacks know just as much as the big wigs in the front offices, the game will change forever. That is right, you heard it here first, Project FANchise is literally a game-changer. I cannot wait to be a part of the future.

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