Bid Day 2016 Final Copy

Bright and early sunday september 18th, girls lined up on Westerns football field to, “go home” to their new greek families. Each new member wore a jacket to cover her shirt that revealed the family they would be joining that day. One by one they were announced and sent home. A tradition that has been at Western for decades.

Before the heartwarming homecomings began each sorority was gathered on the football field building their energy for the day.

Sigma Sigma Sigma was preparing for their new sisters through chants, games, and dancing.

The sigmas have been around western for about 23 years. And are very active on campus, from homecoming to helping sisters study for finals. has been in this sorority going on 3 years now. Tori said, “We are getting a lot of good girls, around 19 new sisters.”

As the homecomings started, the Alpha Sigma Alpha was among the first to bring someone home.

One of the new members was Kaylea Frye, Sophomore at western, said

“I cannot wait to be a part of a group of girls that genuinely care about me, and want me to be the best version of myself i can be, weath it be through philanthropy projects or getting an A in my bio lab.” Said Frye

As the line got smaller and smaller the excitement only grew larger. Freshman Maddie Salmon, was going home to sigma and could barely contain her excitement.

“I have been so excited for bid day all week.” Said Maddie, moments before she was “welcomed home” to the sigmas.

“I decided to rush because as a freshman I don’t know very many people on such a big campus, and I felt like I would get discouraged through school without friends and people to go to or ask questions.” said Salmon

After all the new recruits were home, it was time for the rogamus, who work on the council, and give up their letters for the month to mentor the new girls with an unbiased opinion of each sorority, to be welcomed back after a long week of recruitment. The girls had signs that said “Give us our sister back!” and this was a very emotional point in bid day. Tears of happiness fell down the faces of just about everyone welcoming home new sisters and old. The girls then went on to continue bid day as separate sororities, but all students and friends here at western.

Sisters welomcing home their new recruits with open arms.
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