Noor Tagouri 2016

Being an American muslim hijab wearing woman, has been a challenging yet liberating experience for Noor Tagouri, who spoke on her journey to self discovery at Western, November 15th. This journey all started with her hijab.

Tagouri talks about her journey into putting on her hijab at age fifteen, when she was trying to find out who she was. She had decided this would help her discover that.

Tagouri did not always think she would wear hijab. As a child she did not want to stand out or be different from her classmates.

Tagouri always knew she was different, and it embarrassed her as a child. Her mother was very involved in her school as a chaperone and even came and educated her classmates on Muslim culture from time to time.

“My mom would come to my school and share about Muslim culture, in her hijab, and she did it for about two years and stopped because I was completely mortified and embarrassed.” Tgaouri Said.

“I remember praying my mom would forget to put on her hijab before coming to my school, because I didn’t want to answer any questions about it. I was sure of two things around that time and one of them wa that I would never put on the hijab.” Said Tagouri.

As Tagouri grew into her teen years she realized that she didn’t really know who she was. Everyone around her was embracing their identity and she didn’t have one yet. She felt broken and lost, so she put the hijab on as a challenge to herself to find out who she was.

Tagouri has not taken off her hijab since that day.

“I began to realize that nobody has any power over you unless you give it to them. I realized I was okay with my insecurities, and that I was different. Embrace your different don’t be scared of it.” said Tagouri.

This led into Tagouri to pursue her dreams as a journalist and news anchor without fear of being judged.

The birth of the #LetNoorShine campaign came when Noor realized it was okay to let who you were shine. Your differences, your passions, your looks. This campaign inspired thousands and soon millions of people to let their inner self shine and stand up for what they believe in.

Tagouri has been on many talk shows and traveled parts of the world to speak and be interviewed. All while wearing her hijab. She has been featured on CNN, OWN, and reports for Newsy.

Tagouri also recently posed as a centerfold in the legendary Play-Boy magazine. Fully clothed and in full hijab.

When asked by a student in the audience, “What is your next big move?”

Tagouri said, “I wish to travel to more countries and make an impact on even more people, growth is the next big move.”

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