The Voice 2016

As Spratt opened its doors for the third annual “The Voice” singing competition and the theater started to fill, over a dozen nervous contestants were warming up backstage. Jeneay Mcdougall, was one of the many hoping to turn heads that night, especially that of a certain judge.

“I have been in coir for twelve years, This is my first time on The Voice but, i’m very confident in my voice.” Said Mcdougall

“I hope to impress the judge Robert Vardiman, because he has been through this process before and will be a good mentor.” And that she did, Vardiman welcomed her to his team.

The night continued full of hip hop, pop, country and even heavy metal. The judges took interest in all forms of talent that night, including Breanna Hilton.

Hilton turned all three judges heads.

“I picked Chelsea Ham as my mentor because she is soft spoken like me and I feel we will work well together.”

“I think I have been singing for almost forever, it’s just a hobby of mine but if it takes me somewhere, it takes me somewhere.” Said Hilton as she advanced to the next round.

On the sidelines hosting the show was Pearl Sanchez and Mya Jackson.

“I’m a freshman so this was my first year being involved in the voice, it was so much fun and I cannot wait to see what other songs and hidden talents the contestants pull out in the rounds to come” sadi Sanchez.

“This is my second year hosting The Voice and this year I am rooting for a few select people but I won’t mention any names, I hope everyone does well” added Jackson.

As the competition continued, contestants excelled and some contestants were sent home.

The last week three contestants battled for number one. In the end, Briana Dice as the winner.

“I’ve been singing since I was about eight years old, probably sooner than that actually, but at that age I remember I would sing every year at my great grandma’s house for Christmas” Said Dice.

Dice was mentored by Bob Willenbrink, who pushed her to be the best she could be and it payed off in the end, literally she won $1,000 for first place finish.

“When they called my name as the winner I just burst into tears, It’s just one of those moments where you’re in complete doubt. It was a good moment for me and my parents especially, My parents have always loved to listen to me sing and progress over the years,” said Dice.

When asked about what she planned to do from here she said,

“I just plan to continue going to Missouri Western to get my Bachelor’s in Psychology and I also plan on studying Music Therapy. I’d like to combine those two to work in a rehabilitation center and help teenagers who suffer from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc. People don’t give as much attention to those mental disorders as they should.”

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