Compiling Exploits

Identifying if C code is for Windows or Linux

Build Exploit GCC

GCC Compile 32Bit Exploit on 64Bit Kali

Compile Windows .exe on Linux

SUID Binary

SUID C Shell for /bin/bash

SUID C Shell for /bin/sh

Building the SUID Shell binary

TTY Shells

Python TTY Shell Trick

Spawn Interactive sh shell

Spawn Perl TTY Shell

Spawn Ruby TTY Shell

Spawn Lua TTY Shell

Spawn TTY Shell from Vi

Spawn TTY Shell NMAP

Metasploit Cheat Sheet

Meterpreter Payloads

Windows reverse meterpreter payload

Windows VNC Meterpreter payload

Linux Reverse Meterpreter payload

Meterpreter Cheat Sheet

Common Metasploit Modules

Remote Windows Metasploit Modules (exploits)

Local Windows Metasploit Modules (exploits)

Auxilary Metasploit Modules

Metasploit Powershell Modules

Post Exploit Windows Metasploit Modules




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