SXSW Music Highlights Day 5: PINS, Carey, The Zolas, JONES, Dreamers & Sofi Tukker

Like sunlight on a broken column, SXSW is over, more distant and more solemn than a fading star.


8 p.m. @ Javelina

Hey Caty by Carey

I met another band from Nashville while finishing the beer I bought right before Carey’s set ended. They were there for moral support. One of them looked exactly like Garth Algar and I regret not being able to remember their band name.


9 p.m. @ Blackheart

Young Girls by PINS

The PINS: The only Mancunians cool enough to make you wish you grew up in Manchester.


10 p.m. @ Blackheart

Absolute Trash by Who Cares

I’ve never heard of this band and they’re surprisingly ungoogleable, but it didn’t make sense to leave the venue just to come back for JONES.

I couldn’t find a music video of theirs that didn’t start with some woman on a mattress, so I went with this song. I spent most of their show inside the bar (they were playing the outdoor stage) after they tried covering Heroes by David Bowie.


11 p.m. @ Blackheart

Hoops by JONES

Somebody asked me what JONES’s sound was right before their set started and after a moment, I went with late 80s mixed with late 2000s indie, with a healthy dose of modern blog pop. I have no idea what that means, but she seemed to buy it, so here we are.

The Zolas

12:15 a.m. @ The Sidewinder

Knot In My Heart by The Zolas

Best live show I saw during SXSW. If you ever get a chance, go see The Zolas live.


12:45 a.m. @ The Sidewinder

Wolves by Dreamers

Somebody who grew up in LA described them (as they were playing) as Social Distortion without the edge and I was inclined to agree, until I realized how different the Dreamers’s sound is not-live.

Sofi Tukker

1:15 a.m. @ The Sidewinder

Matadora by Sofi Tukker

I told the people I was with that this was either going to be the best show ever, or the biggest disappointment. Suffice to say, Joey Bada$$ was playing at the same time and I made a giant mistake. You can’t really hold it against them because of the musical style, but most of their set was pre-recorded and again, Joey Bada$$.

Randomly Encountered Hopefuls

Danny Fingers and the Thumbs

Maayan Oppenheim

Atomic Stooges

Also These Guys, Holding Down Auditorium Shores:


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