The Death of Agile Courses
Jurgen Appelo

Since 5+ decades there’s evidence, that Taylor’s view of work was right just in a quite narrow, limited scope (manual, repetitive, rather simple). Until today, most (economic.) Organizations are build around his views — or what was drawn from them.

Since ~4 decades Complexity- & Systems-Science teaches us, that ‘planning’ (Analysis, Reductionism) has a limited scope. Still, most Organizations are build around methods that treat the future as a (quite) predictable thing.

Since ~2 decades there’s agile. Still, most…

I don’t believe that agile — excluding lip service or ‘adoptions’ in slapdash manner — will become normal soon. Changes of basic assumptions take multiple decades, if not ‘generations’ to happen. And until that day, we’ll have a agile courses industry, making money based on the inevitable delay that occurs before basic assumptions change.

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