Gophercon 2018 — My thoughts, impressions and what I’ve learned

Bianca Rosa
Sep 5, 2018 · 4 min read

Hello folks!

So, some of you who know me probably heard that I was walking through the streets of Denver, Colorado last week.

First, I would like to thank each and every person who was part of this. I couldn’t possibly be here if wasn’t for the help from the Women Who Go Scholarship ( and from my company (stone).

Speakers were really good, the food was really good, everyone I talked was very friendly and I got some cool new T-shirts for my wardrobe — and, really, Tech Confs should really start giving… other pieces of clothes. Like shorts, maybe? Socks are welcome, too.

16h street + welcome + conf badge

Day 1

I lost the first two talks due to a flight delay, so these are the ones I manage to watch:

  1. Go for Information Display — Anthony Starks
  2. Machine Learning on Go Code — Francesc Flores
  3. Asynchronous Networking Patterns — Filippo Valsorda
  4. Binary Search Tree AlGOrithms — Kaylyn Gibilterra
  5. Computer Vision Using Go and OpenCV 3 — Ron Evans

I was pretty amazed by the Machine Learning on Go code talk. The main question is how we can use machine learning tools to improve and empower developers.

The ones about Go for Information Display and OpenCV were quite amazing, too (even though it’s not my favorite field), while the binary search tree was very good to introduce the subject for people with non-CS backgrounds. The Asynchronous Networking Pattern talk was very good people like me who have a background, but are starting to go deeper on networks & operating systems.

After the event, the Woman Who Go reception started and after it, the official after party — we managed to see lots of Gophers playing in a band, and it was absolutely fantastic!

Day 2

My agenda was:

  1. Writing Accessible Go — Julia Ferraioli
  2. Going Serverless — Kelsey Hightower
  3. From Prototype to Production: Lessons from building and scaling Reddit’s Ad Serving Platform — Deval Shah
  4. gRPC reflection and grpcurl — Joshua Humphries
  5. The Importance of Beginners — Natalie Pistunovich

Big day! The first and the last talks were just overwhelmingly good, even though they were not so technical they are a must watch!

I’m also starting with serverless, so the second talk was a great one too. Kelsey has a great sense of humor and kept us all entertained during a good technical talk.

I got particularly interested into how Reddit scales their plataform, since it’s one of the biggest websites in the internet, and I was surprised to know that they use Go.

And also as someone that was just playing with grpc a couple of weeks ago, finding out tools like was just amazing.

I had an amazing day, and then headed to the Digital Ocean party that happened at 1up.

Day 3

Day 3 was community day. I saw a bunch of lightning talks, but the high point was the fact that I opened my first PR to the Go extension for VSCode during the community roundtables. Check it out:

And it was merged 😮 I was probably the happiest person on Twitter that day.

That’s it, folks! Now it’s time to start saving because the next Gophercon will be in San Diego, and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be amazing aswell!

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