CVE-2017–11882 RTF

Apr 24, 2018 · 5 min read

Looking for an OLE

RTF Hide & Seek
No OLE objects detected to rtfdump
One OLE object instance identified

Analyzing the OLE

CLSID related to Equation Editor
OLE Native Stream

Return to stack

Shellcode map
Windbg return to stack

Analyzing the shellcode

from binascii import hexlify
import struct
import ctypes
from ctypes import *
def run():
startPos = 0x4013fe
xored = 0
index = 0
for index in range (startPos,startPos + 0x389, 4):
xored = xored * 0x22A76047
xored = xored + 0x2698B12D
for i in range (0,4):
patched_byte = ord(struct.pack('<I',c_uint(xored).value)[i]) ^ Byte(index+i)
PatchByte(index+i, patched_byte)
Bytes before and after the decryption
Before the decryption
After the decryption


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