Seeking/Scrubbing on Play Music

The “seek bar” on Google’s play music application stretches all the way from the extreme left of the screen to the extreme right. Like this.

Scrubber on Play Music App

For phones with a casing/cover, it becomes nearly impossible to seek to < 30 second zone. Same with the right edge.

When I have my thumb on the seeker “orb,” it grows in size, but the increase in size not noticeable at all. And my thumbs aren’t even fat.

For the scrubbing to work with proper precision, here’s what you have to do: press your finger on the screen for the orb to grow in size, slide your finger down and then scrub. Contrary to what the screenshot would lead you to believe, the actual human finger is much much bigger.

The seek-process could be made easier by decreasing the width of the seek bar and increasing the size of the orb on press. Your thoughts?

Icons made by Freepik, Yannick from is licensed CC BY 3.0.

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