How Fast Can A Feeling Change

I’m 18 when I met him. In my country, 18 is where you went for you higher education. I’ve never been in love. I only have lots of guy friends. Maybe because I’m quite approachable, or some girls who are jealous of me regards me as a bithc, whore or slut. I’ve never been one, trust me. Having lots of guy friends, doesn’t mean I didn’t have girl friends.

So, it was the April of 2015 when I first met him. Jack. We started off as friends. He got my number through class’s WhatsApp group. He’s the one who approach me first. I still remember how weird it is to be receiving a ‘Hi’ from a stranger.

We started off real good. We chat everyday, we tell each other even the simplest things; colour of clothes we wear, whhat do we see as we were walking. All those little things that made us happy. 11 August 2015 is the most memorable day in my life when he eventually admit that he really likes me. He told me that 2 of his housemates (Which I happen to know too), had a feeling for me as well. He didn’t want to lost the opportunity and that’s why he is admitting his feelings for me.

I was shocked, of course. And the only thing that I managed to say at that time was ‘Oh yeah? Thanks!’. I didn’t know whether I like him or not. I’ve never fall in love so I didn’t know how it feels. I’ve read somewhere that when you likes someone, there’s always butterfly in your stomach. There isn’t butterflies, so that means I didn’t have the same feeling as his!

He told me that he likes me the first time he saw me. He’s shy to open up to me but he made up the strength to do so and he was very happy when I entertain him. He doesn’t want to lose me and he also doesnt want me to fall in love with other people.

To be honest, when he says that, I melt. Theres never anyone who ever told me such thing before.

He said, to be safe, let’s declare that we are a couple first so that nobody could snatch me away from him. And I bluntly agrees.

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