What is the price of happiness?


Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. — Omar Khayyam

Does it cost? Well for most it might, for others it may not. But the what is the price of happiness. Well I have heard and read many places and people say that it comes from love. But then why does stuff keep us happy. I feel that is more of an illusion. The true essence of happiness is being free.

But happiness is not a unified solution, what makes me happy will surely not make you happy. But surely there is a common base for all of us humans where we find happiness from.

Happiness cannot be measured as a quantifiable entity but like the quote above it is an essence of the now in which we are for which we are that we need to stick our happiness with. Once we get there I guess we find our happiness.

A really short thought for tonight for a really long day, that I felt happy about. Hope your’s was happy too?

Until tomorrow,

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