Sources of Nondemocratic Regimes

It goes without saying that, nondemocratic regimes are essential part of politics. So, to make it clear, the definition of nondemocratic regimes and sources of it are important. First, the most common define of nondemocratic regimes is “controlled by a small group of individuals who exercise power over the state without being constitutionally responsible to the public.”(Pg. 144) Also, public do not have an important role in selecting or changing leaders and it causes “dictate” .Although there are many sources of regimes, the most important ones are modernization, elites, society, IR and culture.


Although many believes that modernization makes society more educated, sophisticated and wealthier, in the lack of institutions or destabilizing existing powers will result in nondemocratic regimes. In addition, individuals which have economic power can desire to monopolize political power for their interest and owing to fact that no bourgeoisie, no democracy , it will end with nondemocratic rules.


When elites becomes wealthier and there is significant inequality in society , elites can not desire to distribute their powers due to fears of losing economic opportunities. For that, they choose to seek for control society and ways to enrich themselves. They can be side of the ones who gives them resources that are long.


In the absence of effective civil society, nondemocratic regimes become more common. Also, it can be under the control of the groups such as ethnic or religious and they can help emergence of non democratic regime.


“Borders badly drawn by imperial powers have created many countries with ethnic and religious divisions that make consensus building difficult and authoritarianism an effective way to monopolize power over other groups. Imperial institutions, from infrastructure and education to state institutions, have similarly fostered authoritarianism by contributing to such things as uneven modernization and weak state autonomy and capacity. Finally, other states and international organizations may also support or sustain authoritarian control” (pg. 148)


The idea of liberty or democracy can be unimportant according to norms and values of society. Or there can be a tendency to authoritarian regimes in culture.

To conclude, nondemocratic regimes bases on some factors such as modernization IR, society, culture or elites. Although these factors can cause democracy too, preconditions are vital for democracy. I hope, one day democracy will be in every single country in whole world.


O’neil, Patrick H. Essentials of comparative politics. WW Norton & Company, 2007.