Hi all,

This is the last part of the series of blog posts about Che at EclipseCon 2019. I have been trying, during these last weeks, to get you at Ludwigsburg and EclipseCon … before EclipseCon. I hope you have enjoyed meeting some of the speakers. A special thanks to Jonas, Roland and Rainer for your participation! We are eager to see your talks at EclipseCon.

Now I have only few time to share with you the other interesting remaining Che talks and people.

Che & Theia Contributor Summit

Before EclipseCon, on Monday, as part of the Eclipse Community Day, we have our Che &…

Hello Eclipse Community,

EclipseCon 2019 is next week! The speakers are polishing their talks. You have probably started to make your agenda for the coming week. As far as I am concerned, I am getting very excited to meet you, share my love of Che7 and see awesome talks.

Roland Grunberg

Talking about awesome talks, there is one that I would love to attend: the one from my dear colleague: Roland Grunberg.

Roland, with his Romanian background, is coming from Toronto, Canada and works for Red Hat as a Software Developer in the IDE Services team. His talk is going to be…

G’day Eclipse community,

Few days ago, Jonas shared his experience of EclipseCon and what you will expect from his talk during the next EclipseCon 2019.

Today, we have the pleasure to meet Rainer Poisel who will come from St. Pölten, Austria. At EclipseCon 2019, he will talk about his experience on migrating an industrial-grade IDE to the Cloud using the Eclipse ecosystem.

This blog post is the second of a series where I give you a preview of the atmosphere of EclipseCon with few interviews of speakers talking about Che.

Enjoy the interview:

Sun: Hello Rainer, you have been several…

Eclipse Con Europe 2019 logo
Eclipse Con Europe 2019 logo

Hello Eclipse community!

We are a few weeks away from EclipseCon 2019 and I hope you are getting very excited to attend the event, meet the community and listen to some awesome talks. These last few weeks, I had the chance to interview a few of the speakers who will talk about topics related to my favorite project: Eclipse Che.

You are not at EclipseCon, not yet … although, during this series of blog posts, the interviewed guests will share with you a bit of their experience of EclipseCon and an insight of their talks, so you will be already…

Sun S. D. Tan

Senior Software Engineer @RedHat (tiny unit within @ibm) Eclipse Che committer. OpenSource Minded. @parisjug team leader

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