Charity Miles, Some Feedback

I have used Charity Miles 42 times since Nov 3, 2015. I love the app but the features I love are buried and it feels like a larger opportunity is being missed. Thing is I started using Charity Miles as a way to donate a little to charity for my daily exercise but the app has become my primary way I track exercise. I feel the app would be better if the tracking features were elevated. Let me explain…


In my use of the app, I visit the Profile > History screen after every walk. It tells me how many miles I have gone this month and makes it easy to compare month to month. The fact that History is 3 clicks from the home screen feels like a mistake. The fact that Profile is 2 clicks from the home screen feels like a mistake. The fact that Teams feature is 2 clicks from the home screen feels like a mistake. These two should be part of the base app screen as primary tabs.

Tabs: Charity Miles , Activity , Teams, Profile

Activity would become my primary way to track ongoing exercise. If I could open the app, click activity, and see:

  • miles this month
  • miles this week
  • current streak
  • average length
  • average time

This would make using Charity Miles for regular exercise much more convenient. A user might use the app once or twice to donate to charity but I find myself using the app over and over to track exercise longer term. It is a subtle difference but one that I think is pretty important as there are many looking for a means of tracking total miles and the existing Charity Miles app does a rather good job with a great side benefit.


Rather than notify me about upcoming runs/walks in the area, tell me about my progress, encourage me. Right now I am 2.6 miles from 400 miles, the fact the app has not encouraged me is a missed opportunity. The fact that the app does not celebrate crossing larger milestones 10,100,500,1000, 1500… miles is a lost opportunity. If notifications were designed to encourage my progress, I think it would go a long way towards regular use.


Once I end my exercise, the app prompts me to post to social media and buy something from the store. Lets put this in context, I am a sweaty mess and you want me to post positive support about the sponsor and go shopping, hmmmmm. This feels totally out of context. I would post about Charity Miles if I was prompted monthly and I would buy a T-shirt in advance of a larger race I am participating in. It feels like the context of when you ask is wrong, not that you ask. If the app waited 2 hours after exercise and asked me to thank todays sponsor… YES the endorphins are in full effect and I have showered. YES, Thanks Chobani! Notify me a month in advance of a race (appropriate length based on average length )in my area to do it with a Charity Miles T-Shirt… I just might.


Last weekend I walked the 3M 1/2 Marathon in Austin, 13.3 miles with 6000+ other people. I am pretty sure many carried a smartphone with them. So 6,000 x 13.3miles x .25/mile = $19,950 donated to charity of the runners choice. These events occur frequently around the world. If you cater towards exercise tracking of regular walker/runners, the number of regular users would increase. Charity Miles is a great app with a great purpose and has become my goto app for tracking my exercise. It is so good, I stopped using my Basis Peak smartwatch as the Charity Miles kept better track of actual miles via GPS. Thanks for making a great app, I hope this feedback is constructive in making it ideal for exercise tracking with the benefit of donating to the charity of my choice. I do love being a sponsored athlete at $.25 /mile.

Go install Charity Miles and get moving!

Ted :)

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