Open Source Audio Room Server for Meetings, Workshops, Podcasting and Social Networking

Jam is an open source audio room server for meetings, workshops, podcasting and social networking.

Jam 2.0 is our biggest release so far and comes with countless new features like support for large rooms, ultra-low latency conversations, recording, improved reliability as well as managed hosting and customization.

Jam 2.0 is…

Here is how you can add a Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces -like audio room to your Webflow, for free, in just 5 minutes. First: start a room on Jam.

Copy your iFrame Embed Tag

You can find the embed code for your Jam room in the “Room Settings”.

note: to access the “Room Settings” you…

Seed and pre-seed fundraising help for Lemmings & Friends

Software transforms the world as we know it.
It never was easier to affect change on a universal scale.

Comprehension on a universal scale is unintuitive
yet more important than ever before.

Two technological shifts that are currently happening have
transformative qualities way beyond anything else we’ve seen
since the introduction of…

Thomas Schranz

Founder at Magic, Lemmings, Blossom …

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