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Lemmings at Stockwerk Coworking

The process of incorporating a company can not only be bureaucratic it can also be quite costly and goes hand in hand with countless opportunities to make mistakes that are difficult to fix later.

Let’s say you have a solid team, a working prototype and some customers lined up but you’re not swimming in money. What do you do?

You can either defer to incorporate until your financial situation improves or you need to find enough money (e.g. …

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Lemmings at the Hello, Robot exhibition at MAK

Seed and pre-seed fundraising help for Lemmings & Friends

Software transforms the world as we know it.
It never was easier to affect change on a universal scale.

Comprehension on a universal scale is unintuitive
yet more important than ever before.

Two technological shifts that are currently happening have
transformative qualities way beyond anything else we’ve seen
since the introduction of computing.

Artificial Intelligence

Within just four hours of training AlphaGo Zero learned to play chess better than a purpose-built chess engine which got fine-tuned for almost a decade.

Logic as well as machine learning open doors to things previously thought impossible. …

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Lemmings at Hello, Robot. at Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) Vienna

[…] 95 percent of VCs add zero value.
I would bet that 70 to 80 percent add negative value […]

Vinod Khosla, Founder at Sun Microsystems

Advice is difficult. Especially in “Early Stage”.
Even good advice often causes more harm than good.

When you dare to try new things though it does help when you’re not alone.
It actually matters a lot who you hang out with.

What we found to work really well at Lemmings is to spend time among peers.
Among fellow makers who are curious about the world.

Makers who care about their craft.
Makers with ambition and humility.
Makers a bit further down the line.
Makers who have seen and experienced things.
Makers who are happy to share stories of their own journey.
Makers who are eager to explore context. …

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Lemmings Game Design Hackathon at sektor5 co-working spaces

The very early stage is fascinating and difficult to grasp.
It is the phase of ambiguity, uncertainty, dopey ideas and fragile thoughts.

A beginning is a very delicate time.
Princess Irulan, Dune

A workshop on how to build your own computer.
A website to connect with other students at your campus.
A proof of concept for virtual coins that can not be forged.
A student project to support the digital library of the university

At some point all of them were unassuming early stage projects.

I often ask myself what would have happened with these projects were they started in Vienna. Would they have flourished? Would they have had support?
Would they have turned out differently? How? …

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Mike Keefe, The Denver Post

This guide is intended to make mass surveillance as well as targeted surveillance more difficult while being easy to follow and implement.

It contains a set of general recommendations on counter surveillance for individuals at high-risk of surveillance including but not limited to journalists, political activists as well as for members of NGOs, political parties
and high-tech companies.

Regard this as a “wash hands, boil water”-type guide,
a solid set of recommendations to get started.


The following recommendations are meant for getting started. While they are very effective they are not a complete solution to shield you from digital surveillance.

Gradual change is ok. While recommendations labeled as [habit] might not be possible to follow 100% of the time they still make a huge difference when followed. …

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Artemis & Kira at sektor5 co-working spaces during the first Lemmings batch.

A few days ago Google’s AI project AlphaGo Zero beat the world’s leading chess engine (Stockfish) after just four hours of training on Google’s Tensor Processing Units (TPUs). Just one of the many examples of how a generic machine learning approach can within hours yield better performance than specialized software that got fine-tuned over many years.

Yet most fascinating to me is that the technology behind extraordinary achievements like these is not behind a walled garden. It is readily available to all of us.

Most of the leading machine learning tools are open source and well documented. The data needed for machine learning is more accessible than ever before and even the hardware used is becoming ever more cost effective. We all can play around with the same ingredients that big players like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple do. …

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During an intense workshop format (“hackathon”) an interdisciplinary collective of creatives are working on prototypes to illustrate how artificial intelligence can be used to enrich the day to day of the art scene.

All of this happens on the weekend immediately before the Vienna Art Week.

What do I need?

You only need to bring a laptop and some curiosity.

When & Where?

Hackathon: November 10th to 12th, 2017
Location: Q21 Electric Avenue & Ovaltrakt, MuseumsQuartier Vienna

Presentations: November 13th, 2017 @ 17:00
Location: Raum D at Q21, MuseumsQuartier Vienna

If you would like to participate you can apply here.

What if I can’t code?

You will do fine, the format is designed in a way that
a background in coding is not required.

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Artemis & Christine at Marktwirtschaft

To lift a bit of the mystery surrounding Lemmings I thought it would make sense to write more about what actually happens during the course of a summer or winter batch.

In this post I’m trying to break the activities down into some of the program’s core ingredients …


We visit art exhibitions like the Ars Electronica Festival or Parallel Vienna and create (digital) art of our own.

In Summer 2016 we created over 100 different experiences on platforms like Facebook Messenger, Telegram and the Raspberry Pi.

While Clojure enjoys excellent support from all popular text editors and IDEs this setup guide focuses on Atom Editor.

1) Installing Atom

Atom is a powerful yet lightweight text editor and development environment available for various operating systems like macOs, Windows and Linux.

In addition to Clojure it comes with great support for various other programming languages like JavaScript, Python, Ruby and many more.

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Further reading & watching

2) Installing Atom Packages for Clojure

Next we will install a few packages that give Atom some Clojure super powers. Simply go to Atom > Preferences > + Install and search for the “lemmings” package (assembled by Martin Schurrer) which includes all the packages listed below. …

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Lena & Kira at Bots Hackathon Vienna at A1 (photograph by Timar Ivo Batis)

This is an overview of the platforms we are mainly focusing on right now. What all of them have in common are a vast active user base and an interesting API to create rich experiences.

Facebook Messenger










Thomas Schranz

Founder at Magic, Lemmings, Blossom …

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