Blossom ❤ Flowdock

Agile Project Management meets Group Chat for Software Development Teams

Thomas Schranz
Feb 5, 2014 · 3 min read

I’m super excited to be able to announce our brand new integration with Flowdock. Also thanks a lot to all our customers who helped us beta test this integration over the last few weeks (special hat tip to milkster).
You are super awesome ☺

So What’s Flowdock?

Flowdock by Rally is one of the most popular group chat tools among software development teams. One thing that really makes Flowdock stand out is its concept of the “team inbox”.

Instead of cluttering your group chat history with messages from 3rd party services Flowdock gives you a dedicated area for services like GitHub and agile/lean project management tools like Blossom.

Flowdock’s Team Inbox helps to keep your conversations uncluttered.

As we see more and more software teams who work in a distributed or semi-distributed way excellent group chat tools really become an essential part of everyone’s day to day workflow.

Use case scribbles for our Flowdock integration by Allan Berger

That’s why we spent a lot of time figuring out how an ideal integration between Blossom and Flowdock would look like …

An Integration

Similar to our integration with Atlassian’s Hipchat we basically send the most important activities from your Blossom projects over to Flowdock.

The usual notifications that will show up in your Flowdock team inbox are things like cards that got blocked or moved, screenshots you’ve uploaded as well as comments that you’ve posted ☺

How to set it all up

Setting everything up only takes a few seconds. Just head over to your Blossom project settings and select Flowdock.

This will take you to the setup screen where you just need to fill in your Flowdock API token and click on the button to connect Blossom to your Flowdock group chat.

That’s pretty much it. Your Blossom project is now connected to Flowdock. You should also find a success message in your team inbox.

We’ve also made a brief video that guides you through the set up process:

Try our Flowdock Integration Today

I’m really excited that our Flowdock integration is finally rolled out to all of you. If you haven’t heard about Flowdock yet definitely give it a try.

Flowdock is free for up to 5 users

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Thanks to Mikael Roos and Martin Schurrer

    Thomas Schranz

    Written by

    Founder at Blossom & Lemmings

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