SLAYER — Reing In Blood (1986)

A Landmark In The Pantheon Of The Heavy Metal Gods

Thirty years have passed since, but it could be for many an aging fan that, in the case of Slayer’s third album, this is just one more year towards eternity. That year 1986 yielded great harvests for the Metal scene around the world. I personally consider that to be the apex of the most loved and the most hated music style on the face of the planet. At that time, Rick Rubin had a record label, Def Jam, best known in the hip hop scene, but that famed producer had bet those guys along with himself would help bring forth to the world a latent and an unbridled work of aggression; so much so that Reign In Blood was considered by Kerrang! Magazine to be “The Heaviest Album Of All Time”, and along with Master of Puppets (Metallica), Among The Living (Anthrax) and Peace Sells … But Who’s Buying (Megadeth), the album shaped the soundtrack of thrash metal in 80’s. Slayer leaves aside the satanic-themed side of their lyrics and dives into more consistent themes (like reality) and that somehow lends more substance to the album.
Angel Of Death talks about Joseph Mengele — an insane doctor leading macabre and morbid experiences on Jews in Nazi concentration camps — it starts off so brutally that the climate permeates the album right up until the last minute. Unlike their previous albums — Show No Mercy and Hell Awaits — this production is more “on your face” and cleaner, as you can hear all the instruments clearly. Angel of Death’s song structure is perfect. A chorus that makes everyone sing in an aggressive melody; riffs and more riffs, while everything is driven by powerful drums. Angel of Death’s structure is perfect. A chorus that makes everyone sing in an aggressive melody; riffs and more riffs, and everything driven by powerful drums. By the way, to talk about Tom Araya, Kerry King, Dave Lombardo and the late Jeff Hanneman is like taking sand to the beach. We know that line-up is magical and they created the greatest albums of the institution called Slayer. It is interesting to note, still, because Reign In Blood is surely a perfect blend of metal with punk attitude, bringing short and fast tracks, and while other bands make more elaborate songs, Slayer compressed it all within a few minutes. It was like receiving a sequence of punches in the gut and falling to the ground, not knowing what had hit you. Songs like Jesus Saves, Reborn, Postmortem and classics like Raining Blood and Angel of Death pave the aggressiveness of this band, and when those are played live you could feel the presence of the Devil himself on stage, thanks to an aura of evil that permeates this institution called Slayer!