Yesterday I went to the Carioca Club to watch Deicide and Children Of Bodom. I confess I don’t know much about COB, although at the time I worked at the Die Hard music store at Galeria do Rock, I sold a lot of Something Wild albums. About Deicide I already know a lot. Glen Benton is one of my influences in vocal tones and the way he puts his voice in songs alternating severe cavernous yelled and screamy high pitches. The only COB’s gig I saw was at Wacken 2011, and it was a very difficult task to the band because they finished that festival after a fucking monstrous Kreator show at Black Stage. And the Finns gave the blood in that presentation.

I realized that this union of two bands was a success despite the cold and rainy night. Two bands with different musical styles, but they made the happiness of headbangers. Already said the great master Chuck Shuldiner that everything is metal, and the subdivisions of style just serve to weaken or to the academics or lay people who like to set something. I think that to set is to limit something. For me, Metal is strong and leafy branch of a tree called Rock, and these subdivisions incite a certain separatism in the Metal scene. Everything is music, it’s the feeling put in musical notes and lyrics. But the great trump card is called discernment. I hear ZZ Top with the same pleasure and enthusiasm when I hear Monstrosity, Kiss, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Amon Amarth, and so on. Yesterday I had an example about this. Raving fans to the sound of Deicide, raving fans to the sound of Children Of Bodom. Long live Metal!



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