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Recently I created a JSON-based database and wanted to share it with the world as a package. The main reason I set myself up for that task is that I had never published a proper NPM package before and wanted to challenge myself. In this article, I will show you how to create & publish your first NPM package in under 10 minutes.

Getting started

The good thing about publishing an NPM package is the minimum knowledge required. If you had ever run the following command:

$ npm init


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Support me by reading it from its original source: ORIGINAL SOURCE

In this article you will learn how to handle authentication for your Node server using Passport.js. This article does not cover Frontend authentication. Use this to configure your Backend authentication (Generate token for each user & protect routes).

Keep in mind that if you get stuck on any step, you can refer to this GitHub repo.

In this article I will teach you the following:

  • Handling protected routes
  • Handling JWT tokens
  • Handling unauthorised responses
  • Creating a basic API
  • Creating models & schemas


What is Passport.js?

Passport is authentication middleware for Node.js. As it’s extremely flexible and modular, Passport can be unobtrusively…

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Support me by reading the story from its original source: ORIGINAL SOURCE

In this article you will learn how to create a personal blog using React & Node. You will also learn how to config your own Webpack, Redux, React-Router and start your node server from scratch. This tutorial does not contain an authentication process.

This is a bit advanced tutorial — We won’t use any generators (Create react app or express generate) but instead, we will configure our own webpack & start our node server from scratch. But if you follow along you should do just fine.


To new developers, file upload feels like a complex topic. However, for a non-complex app (meaning you won’t handle heavy image/video/file optimisation) file upload is nothing more than copying files from one place to another. The Express framework for Node makes this simple.

All the files can be seen here at The following is a demo the application that we will be building:

Bootstraping the app

We will start by creating the frontend using create-react-app and backend using express-generator.


npx create-react-app frontend
cd frontend
npm start


npm install express-generator -g
express backend


In this article I will be creating a chat web app using Express.js, React & I will be using Bootstrap for styling. You will see how the final files should look like in the end.

You can also visit the github to see them now:

This is what we will achieve:

1. Basic setup

Create a React app by running create-react-app chatapp command in your terminal.

Edit App.js:

Create Chat.js:

Add Boostrap resources to your public index.html file or use npm to install it:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha384-PsH8R72JQ3SOdhVi3uxftmaW6Vc51MKb0q5P2rRUpPvrszuE4W1povHYgTpBfshb"…

There are many articles related to this topic, but I spent stupidly long time figuring out how to implement animations on route change using React Router v4 & ReactCSSTransitionGroup. That is why I decided to create this article and cover many errors that I have encountered. This is what we will achieve:

This is the version of the original article I created on LinkedIn. You can see it here: LinkedIn version

Hello, my name is Antonio Erdeljac, and I am a 16 year old JavaScript developer. This is my first ever article and tutorial.

In this article I will be creating a REST API Backend using Node’s Express.js. I want to stress that I have bought a Thinkser course to learn how to do this, and I will use this tutorial to provide free info to you and increase my skills.

Since this is my first tutorial ever, I highly recommend…

Antonio Erdeljac

JavaScript Developer, Software competition participant

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