4 simple ways to throw a ‘different’ afternoon tea party

If you are British or accustomed to British culture you must definitely know what afternoon tea is and how important this ritual is in British daily lives. For those of you that don’t know instead, afternoon tea is a mini meal between lunch and dinner (therefore in the afternoon) which traditionally consist of tea served alongside small sandwiches, cream and jam scones, and cakes. This is the traditional and much loved version of afternoon tea, but what if we could spice things up to create a unique afternoon tea party that will leave our guests pleasantly surprised?

Here are 4 simple ways to go about it:

  1. Try a different ‘tea’

Yes we love our English tea, with the perfect milk-to-tea ratio to accompany our sweet treats. However if we are looking to make things more interesting we can always choose another type of tea such as green tea, red bush tea, white tea and many other varieties: they taste great and they are healthier.

2. Change the location

Take your afternoon tea to an alternative space to add to the experience. On sunny days you could host a tea party outdoor, in your garden, on a rooftop, or even on the River Thames (there are several companies that offer affordable city cruises with afternoon tea). On the other hand, if the weather is less friendly , you can always opt for a quirky tea room such as the iconic Sketch in London. Sip that tea in style!

3. Change the food

Cream clotted scones with jam, traditional cakes and biscuits are all delicious and make for the perfect traditional afternoon tea, but we are trying to be alternative here! The options are endless when it comes to food. You could go for vegan cakes, or traditional Danish pastries for example. You could even include savory food as long as it goes with your tea of choice.

4. Choose a theme

Who said an afternoon tea party can’t have a theme? As funny as it sounds, you can virtually dress up as anything or anyone for your tea party, bringing in decorations, accessories and music to give more character to the event.

These are 4 easy ways to transform a typical afternoon tea into a special occasion that you and your friends will remember. Have you got any other suggestion? Let us know!

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