Events + Memories + Life : AKOKOS

Finally the festive season has arrived!! Who else is getting mentally ready for the fast approaching food overload?


This is our first post and when want to introduce to you lovely people, the values and ideas behind our brand and company AKOKOS.

As the founders we started this journey asking ourselves this question(s):

‘ Do we really need a reason to get together? ’. We quickly realised the answer is NO.

While we love celebrating occasions such as festivities, birthdays, weddings,graduations etc.., it’s nice to know that we don’t necessarily need an ‘excuse’ to create a memorable event. This is the AKOKOS Philosophy. Here, we believe that every event we organise should be based on the fundamental desire to connect with one another. Events are opportunities to make memories, new experiences, new discoveries, all to have a more exciting and adventurous life.

After all, life is to be lived, and to be lived intentionally (another mantra to live by!). What this means is that every person has the power to shape their life according to their decisions: want to host a dress-up dinner party? Go for it. Want to play Baby Shower Bingo at your baby shower? Go for it! Want a vintage 70’s themed wedding reception? GO-FOR-IT.

Whatever your plans might be, we are excited to help you make them happen!