Building an MVP is just not enough… | Publish your startup

A little guide to extending your knowledge about planning

A goal without a plan is just a wish © Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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  • Define long-term goals, track results
  • Plan team capacity and resources
  • Focus on really important things and define high-priorities & low-priorities
  • Keep your team on-track

An ultimate guide on how to find new connections and cool projects

What to start with?

In 99% of cases you should start with customizing your own profile or project you’ve created on Projectium. This part of work requires some creativity in order to showcase everything you can on Projectium!

Short intro

Preparing & setup

Every modern library needs to be surrounded with great tools from Javascript ecosystem, such as linting, unit testing, tests coverage. Ideally, I would…

Github | NPM | Demo

Short intro….


Originally published on ZeoLearn by Lars Berg

When to use React with WebGL and how?

React’s most common and popular feature is “Components” — my advice is to USE this pattern in 3D, you can read more about components in 3D in this article.

Procedural textures in WebGL

The power of modules

What is WhitestormJS

whs is a component based JavaScript framework for building animated 3D graphics with support for physics in the web browser. It uses WebGL and three.js under the hood, and is entirely open source.

Why use whs

  • Speed up development.
  • Structure your code with components and modules.
  • Easily apply physics with collision detection, soft and rigid body dynamics.

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