A WayBack Machine Downloader

Using the Terminal to Excavate Digital Artifacts from Archived Websites on the Internet Archive

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Wayback Machine main page

I will begin with the command that I most often use along with a break down of its’ use.

wayback_machine_downloader -s -a -c3 —o "/\.(zip|hqx|sit|pdf|bin|txt|tgz|dmg)$/i" somewebsite.com
apple.com on Wayback Machine. Tooltip shows 36 snapshots available for Feb 8, 1999.
--o "/\.(zip|hqx|sit|pdf|bin|txt|tgz|dmg)$/i"

Where do files download to?

wayback_machine_downloader -d /Volumes/Partition1/Alex/Desktop/download_folder_on_my_desktop -s -a -c3 —o "/\.(zip|hqx|sit|pdf|bin|txt|tgz|dmg)$/i" somewebsite.com
wayback_machine_downloader -d this_is_the_name_of_my_folder_for_this_download_IA -s -a -c3 —o "/\.(zip|hqx|sit|pdf|bin|txt|tgz|dmg)$/i" somewebsite.com

wayback_machine_downloader Help file

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