Day 1

6th of July, 2016

So, this is my first blog, and im sorry if this is supposed to be a story but I need somewhere to publish my thoughts for free. So i found this website and thats what I will be using it for.

I guess we should start with an introduction: My name is Alexandra, but please call me Alexa. I have quite a interesting life, being born in Hong Kong, then moving to Spain, England, Abu Dhabi and finally back to England, which is where I am right now, sitting on my bed (unfortunatley while ill)and typing this. Of course I cant forget to inform you on my interests, some of which being, Music, design (dream job: Interior designer), Outdoors (Ive grown up climbing trees all over the world), Animals (Because my mum used to be a vet, she gave it up after I was born, sorry mum), Gaming, including x-box and Pc, ill play any game, some of my favorites being Minecraft, C-O-D, GTA, Sims1/2/3/4 and right now, ive been playing roblox with Lola (You will know more about her the further you read on) (sorry but im a bit of a nerd) and finally one of my favorite hobbies is being myself and not following the crowd. As sorry but I dont want to be a follower of other people who are regarded as more ‘popular’. And honestly ‘popular’ is probably my least favorite word. It makes me think that all the people who are regarded as ‘popular’ think of us (people like me) as their followers, which im not a fan of :D.

Being in schools in other countries I can see how social media, well media as a whole, has affected how we live. For example in Abu Dhabi, I played ‘man-hunt’ etc. with all the boys and girls (we weren’t all different gangs, we were mostly like a big, strange family) and looking back at photo’s I was always wearing the oldest clothes, as I would generally mess them when playing outside (Unless it was too hot). However when I came back to England and started Year 7, and all the older students came rushing and barging in through the school doors, i have to say i nearly wet myself. Thats when i realised that i stood out, and i stood out by alot! All the other girls around me, pulling their skirts up, make up on, shaved legs, and then i looked down at myself… My skirt hanging below my knees, absolutley no makeup on (I hardly knew what is was), legs not shaved, not forgetting the additional mud splats and i nearly burst into tears. I could almost feel the eyes of every person staring at me, and all i wanted to do was go home. However now im in year 9 and yep ive deffinatley changed, however not completley, I still love getting muddy outside. However i recently went out to buy my first ever crop-trop and bikini as I have a school trip in four days and I dont want to embarrass myslef in front of the boys (obviously, who wants to be called the ugly girl) and the girls, with half their butt hanging out of their (too) short shorts.

So yep thats me, the wierd artsy girl, with her own group of friends, who keep themselves to themselves.

Hoping that no-one from school will discover this blog (I should have probably made this annonymous, but oh well.)

However i know that i will be writing another blog post, so i have made up names for my friends, as i know they wont want there identities all over the internet.

Lola-My absolute best friend (who hasnt recognised that she is the prettiest out of our group, you should seriously see her eyes!), Ivy-My hungarian friend (The one in our group who loves taking selfies, but not in a boastful way!), Zoe-My Swiss friend, who everyone regards as french (This pisses her off, just a little), Sky-My German friend, the person that I talk to about german food etc. (My mum’s German/Mexican, dont ask it’s complicated)and the last person in my group is Anna-Who can be sometimes annyoing as she wont stop talking, but makes us laugh either way (No harsh feelings if your reading this ‘Anna’, even you know you can never stop talking). So those are the people in my friendship group, however there are some others I would like to ‘re-name’ i guess, as i know they will pop up one day in this blog. So there is Bea-My little sister, who started year 7, when i started year 9. Then there is Harriet-One of my closet friend’s who we ‘car share’ with to school and back while taking strange selfies on snapchat, that we never actually post as there generally too ugly. (However we both know that i utterly hate, i know its a strong word, two of her friends, we will call them ‘it 1’ and ‘it 2’, as i will deffinatley be talking about them) There is also Mr Darcy-She is a girl, but this is her favorite male character from a book (Pride and Prejudice) she is the smartest girl in the whole year, and probably in the year above. Then Hermione-I share my Harry Potter fan-girling time with her, she is also a outside girl, and i can wear the ugliest clothes with her, and not be judged. Finally there is Bella-I had a massive argument with her in year 8, but it brought us closer (She is named after her adorable dog), she is a great artist but isnt too good at making jokes. (sorry Bella)

Just so everyone knows, if you are my friend and have read this and if i did offend you in anyway (I dont know how) then im sorry, well im not sorry about ‘it 1’ and ‘it 2’, i really do hate them :D .

Thats the end of my first blog post. I know i went on a bit but never mind. I would also like to apologise for any punctuation and spelling mistakes, as its garanteed that i made many.

Talk to anyone reading this later.

Hope you have a great day/night/morning/evening, wherever you are in the world.

Bye, from me.

~ x~

I didnt actually take this photo, im not as tumblr as that. But still, its a cool photo :D
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